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Car Detailing

Auto detailing is the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a showroom quality level of detail.

Here at Daily Duty auto detailing we give every car a bit of TLC (Tender Love and Care). We treat every car as if it were our own personal car and take pride in our work. With years of experience of detailing we have seen and detailed just about every type of car, from Honda and Nissan to Rolls Royce and Ferrari.

If you have never had your car detailed we highly recommend so because cars need to be treated as an investment. Just like our homes we spend thousands of dollars of cars, whether its purchasing, servicing or even installation of parts, stereo systems etc.

Psychologically, having a clean vehicle can determine whether we have a good or bad day and let me tell you why……For example, when we come home from a long day of work the last thing we want to do is go home and see a messy house, it stresses us out. Same thing with a car, whenever we sit in our car, subconsciously we are surrounding our self with a messy environment and it builds stress whether you believe it or not. Try to remember the first time you bought your car and how clean it was and how happy you felt. You can still get that feeling whenever you get your car detailed.

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What does the FULL DETAIL include:

  1. – Seats and Door panels completely cleaned
  2. – Carpet and upholstery areas thoroughly detailing
  3. – Blown out with compressed air
  4. – Shampoo seats and floors mats
  5. – Light pet hair removal
  6. – Windows – inside and out
  7. – Hand wash
  8. – Bug removal
  9. – Clay bar (removes contamination)
  10. – Clean wheels, tires and dress tires
  11. – High quality wax  (complete polish-to-shine)
  12. – Remove light scratches
  13. – Chrome polishing

FULL DETAIL pricing starting at: Cars – $125, SUVs/Vans/Trucks – $150 (SEE OUR SPECIALS TODAY!!!)

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Other Detailing packages include:

  1. MINI DETAIL: Cars – $50, SUVs/Vans/Trucks – $60
  • – Hand wash
  • – Bug removal
  • – Light interior cleaning (wipe seats, door panels and dash)
  • – Windows – inside and out
  • – Deep vacuum
  • – Use of compressed air to reach crevices
  • – Clean door jambs
  • – Clean rims and wheel wells, dress tires
  1. INTERIOR DETAIL: Cars – $60, SUVs/Vans/Trucks – $80
  • – Seats and door panels completely cleaned
  • – Carpet and upholstery areas thoroughly detailed
  • – Use of compressed air to reach crevices
  • – Shampoo seats and floor mats
  • – Light pet hair removal
  • – windows – inside and out
  1. EXTERIOR DETAIL: Cars – $60, SUVs/Vans/Trucks – $70
  • – Hand wash
  • – Bug removal
  • – Clean rims, tires and wheel wells, dress tires
  • – Clay Bar
  • – High quality wax (Complete polish-to-shine)
  • – Remove light scratches
  • – Windows – inside and out


Additional Services (Quote will be provided):

  1. 1. Water spot removal
  2. 2. Remove pinstripes/Decal/Tint
  3. 3. Buffing/Wet sanding
  4. 4. Paint protection
  5. 5. Black trim restoration
  6. 6. Headlight restoration
  7. 7. Leather/vinyl conditioning
  8. 8. Complete pet hair removal
  9. 9. Over spray removal