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Premium Maintenance Detailing

If you enjoy keeping your car clean once a week, every other week or even once a month, we have the perfect service for you. We offer a mini detail which is a wash and vac on steroids.

What we recommend is that if you enjoy the idea of maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle, you should get it washed every 2 weeks or if you don’t think you need it done that frequently, possibly once a month or every other month. You know your car so we allow you to make that judgement.

To be enrolled into our maintenance program you either need to be a current customer or if you aren’t, we need to evaluate the condition of your vehicle. The reason for this is because the whole purpose of maintenance washing is to make sure your car remains at pristine condition. If your vehicle hasn’t been detailed in a while, sure you can opt into our maintenance program but we recommend that your vehicle is fully detailed first because the maintenance package DOES NOT include services such as shampoo, clay bar, polishing and waxing.

What does the program package include?


  • – Complete interior vacuum
  • – Clean and wipe down dash, door panels, seats and center console of any stains
  • – Compressed air used to remove dust, sand and trash between seats and hard to reach places
  • – Windows, inside and out
  • – Complete exterior hand wash
  • – Bug removal
  • – Clean wheel wells, wheels and rims
  • – Dress Tires
  • – Dry and clean door jambs
  • – Synthetic spray wax

MAINTENANCE DETAILING PRICING: $50 (2 or more vehicles $40 each)


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If this is something you are considering or have further questions, please feel free to contact us at (239) 321-2850 or e-mail me directly at